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Thread: crap, lost my voice last night

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    crap, lost my voice last night

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    Im about to type out my life's story here cause I havent been able to talk to anyone in half a day haha. If you dont care and just wanna give me advice skip to below the line.

    Thursday night me and my friends were watching a movie with 50 cent in it, "The Set UP" I believe. It was hilarious. Prior to that I was wrestling around with my little bro, who has had a slight cough all week. During the movie I had noticed I was developing the same slight cough.

    That night while trying to sleep I fell insanly ill. Sore throat, headache, cough, fever like i've never felt before. I literally had reoccuring fever dreams that 50cent was at the edge of my bed the whole night and in the morning he was gonna make me get up and go to work. I guess thats what I get for laughing at his acting.

    I didn't go to work that friday, but I worked 5 hours on saturday in the cold, harsh dairy department 3-9, and after that I went to my cousins New Years party.

    I didn't drink much, but I ran around alot and was flirting with this bangin girl in a little black dress. All was well, until I lost my goddamn voice around 1230.

    I managed to get about 6 hours of sleep last night and plan on staying in bed all day, but my throat feels like death right now and I cannot speak at all. I tried gargeling salt water and drinking tea. It hurts like hell to swallow and I can't talk in more than a whisper.

    ...what should I do? Like I said I plan on staying in bed all day, playing xbox and whatnot. I also plan to eat strictly primal, minus dairy and nuts.

    Is it just a matter of letting my body heal or is there some sort of "Mom" trick out there?

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    The fever and extreme sore throat sound like you may have strep and need to pay a trip to the doc for antibiotics. Strep is not something you fart around with, because it can make you very very sick and have complications. Hot liquids like tea help some for normal sore throats but strep throat is in a league of its own. If you are lucky you may be able to call your doc and they may just send a prescription to the pharmacy, but more likely they will have you come in and have your throat swabbed by the nurse to verify it is strep. From personal experience, if you let strep go too long you will start puking. I got to the point where I couldn't get off the floor. I'm a mom and I've had it and caught it from my kids, no 'mom' tricks here. If it was just a normal cold you would not have a fever. The other possibility with the fever is flu.

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    I had strep for a long time... but I wasnt that ill otherwise.. Finally I looked at my throat and I saw tons of white dots, I said MOM I'm sure I have strep you need to take me to the doctor now! The doctor said it was the worst case of strep he'd ever seen.

    Other times I've been very ill with an extremely sore throat and we thought it was strep and they put me on antibiotics to find out the next day that the swab said it was not strep.

    Get it checked

    I personally find that I get better faster with doing 16-18hr dairy and no starchy carbs.

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    It sounds to me like you could have a case of influenza. For the most part that just means lots of fluids, some ibuprofen and lots of rest. A visit to the doctor could be in order if the fever won't break.

    I would take 20,000-30,000 units of vitamin D3, zinc, and vitamin C. Homemade chicken stocks if you can manage it.

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    Tea made from thyme and garlic. You could add some rosemary if you have it (relaxing). The tea will sooth and will help fight infection.

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