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Thread: Linking Protein with Fruit and Veggies...?

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    Linking Protein with Fruit and Veggies...?

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    I'm just full of questions, lol

    I am about 75% through the Primal Blueprint and I may have missed this part or not yet reached it, so I apologize if this has been covered.

    When eating snacks, which for us and our young children (10yrs-1yr) usually is fruit or veggies, should I be also offering some protein?

    This is typically what I've been eating/offering my family for snacks;

    Apple slices, orange slices (I don't only offer these fruits, just using these as an example, I alternate different fruits), home made sugar free, whole milk yogurt OR 2% cottage cheese (I can't find it in the grocery store with a higher percentage of fat)
    Brocolli, cauliflower, carrots slicks (same as the fruits, I alternate different veggies), with a small cube of marble cheese, 4-5 almonds

    Is what I'm doing right?

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    Fry up a bunch of eggs over hard, then refrigerate. They're great either cold or reheated. Can't get any easier than handing a kid a fried egg.

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    We do alot of eggs, almost daily as breakfast for us, usually ends up as a snack for the kids because they eat breakfast before we do. Once the older ones go back to school, I will be packing them an egg (likely hardboiled for convenience, unless I find out otherwise that hardboiled is somehow bad to hardboil eggs). For the youngest, I steam him daily veggie servings, and also fry up an egg for him (he's just turned one).

    Seems like I'm on the right track... it's a big adjustement, but thankfully not too huge since we have never fed our kids the super high sugar loaded snacks.

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    As much as possible, try to reduce or eliminate snacking. Really. For your kids it's not so bad, but you should be eating meals, no more than three per day.

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