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Thread: Smothies are bad?

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    Smothies are bad?

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    I had a person tell me smoothies are bad because grok didn't have blenders.

    He used the internet to tell me this.


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    Smoothies are an ok option in a pinch, but I wouldn't make them part of my daily diet. We have teeth for a reason!
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    I would think as long as the ingredients were primal- who cares.. we are more modern that grok was. Laws, Laws, Laws.. UGH! Bondage, bondage, bondage!!! sorry for the mini rant.

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    I like smoothies, myself, but I suppose they're like salads: you can make them less good easily by putting in the wrong ingredients. I don't see how they can be necessarily bad, particularly if that's how you choose to take your veggies when eating the slab o' meat.
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    One theory is that the carbs in them are digested more quickly, giving you a bigger insulin spike. Or that liquid calories in general are a bad idea because they don't fill you up as long as if you ate the same thing in solid form (this is true, liquid diets are used to increase the # of calories one can reasonably stand to ingest when "bulking up"). YMMV and it's a free country.
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