Hello to All,

My name is Nick I live in Romford,England am 51 years old, married with 3 children.

I started a primal lifestyle back in November having first found the Caveman Power Diet website then once reading about the paleo lifestyle found MDA.

I did really well in November, was having one evening meal a day (as recommended on the Caveman website) and dropped about 20 pounds, the problem started when December arrived and all the tins of sweets etc gradually wore me down and I thought 'whats the point' get December out of the way then start afresh in Jan, which is where I am now.

I am a big unit - 379 pounds when I started in November which is probably where i am back upto now. Having a heart to heart with my wife and son last night, they have agreed to join me on my Paleo journey to help give me support which should really help.

My wife does not work, so tends to do all the cooking at home. I am starting tomorrow, we are using up the potatoes today and anything else non primal so we can have a clean,fresh start. I cannot wait to get started again and plan to keep a monthly check on my weight and measurements ( I will weigh myself tomorrow so I have a starting point). I plan to start walking during lunch at work, i cannot do too much right now due to my weight but we all have to start somewhere I suppose and then see where this takes me, hopefully i can say start with a ten minute walk and start to walk longer as I start to improve.

Well, that's the big plan, I have now put it down in writing, I am hoping that as i describe my meals and daily exercise people will give me advice, tips etc to help my weight loss along. I realise this is not just a diet but a whole new lifestyle but losing the pounds has to be my main concern at the moment.

Best wishes to all and hope you have a great new year,