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Thread: Trying to go primal.

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    Trying to go primal.

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    My brother and sister in-law went primal about a year ago and the difference it has made to them physically and mentally has been nothing short than amazing. They have spoken to me about doing it myself as I weight about 100kg (220lb) and they can't stop gushing about the benefits. So I'm now trying to give it ago but I'm having trouble getting over the whole 'CW has been wrong the whole time'.

    So I'm looking to move into a primal lifestyle one step at a time and I have a question I want to ask.

    If I have a primal/paleo meal and at the same time drink a sugar free can of soft drink OR a 750ml (24oz) water bottle of water with dash of sugar free cordial. Does that negate the meal I just had?

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    You could try what is called magic cordial I'm not sure what this is called anywhere else in the world, other than Australia, but we call it citric acid. It's a very strong lemon flavoured powder. You mix some with some dextrose (powdered glucose) and pour hot water over. Dextrose doesn't thicken the water like sugar does, but still tastes very nice. You can then reduce the amount of dextrose till you're hardly having any

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    It certainly doesn't negate your meal, it's just not a good choice. But you can throw that in with your 20% if it's that important to you. And if you're moving into primal one step at a time, getting rid of the soda can be a future step!
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    Just do part of it if you want - nothing "negates" anything else. It's just food, and a change in what you think of as healthy versus not-healthy. If you do this 1/2 the time, you'll probably reap 1/2 of the benefits. That's what my father started doing about 1 year ago,since he doesn't cook and mom is not fully on board.
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