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Thread: Aussie Sarah's New Year Journal

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    ooh good idea, I'm going to try that with my tea.

    I'll be interested to see if I can get my lower half down. I'm big all over at the moment and the legs are always the last to go! (as with most women). But my hormones are changing and I am carrying more weight in my upper body, ie arms and boobs! Can't wait to see what shape I am when I shed these layers.

    I've often thought about joining a gym, just to get out of the house but I've got equipment at home and I don't like leaving the kids at home at night (even though they are getting older). Going to get one of those pull up bars that fits into the doorway (I'm renting so can't do anything permanent). But that's a bit down he track. Will just do pull downs for a few months before I try pull ups!

    Yeah it can get boring. I've got a stack of workout DVD's for when I want something different. The dance ones are quite fun

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    Hi Sarahz, I thought I'd pop by and say hello - always nice to see some Southern Hemisphere names on the Forum.

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    Howdy Badgerirl, my goodness I forgot I had a journal going, suppose I haven't had much to say and nobody reading it anyway. I think there are quite a few Aussies on these forums now. How are you going? I've suddenly been having really bad sugar cravings these last few months and its driving me crazy. I'm good all day and then night-time seems to be where I need something even though most of the time I'm not really hungry.

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