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Thread: Can Primal eating grow muscle without exercise?

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    Can Primal eating grow muscle without exercise?

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    I am severely overweight and too broken to do anything more than walk and basic strength exercises at the moment. I am curious if eating a primal diet could grow my muscles so that I can tell a difference in my body makeup. Or is doing an exercise that targets muscle growth required?

    This question is motivated by a sense that my muscles are feeling firmer in my arms and legs, similar to how I felt back in the day when I lifted weights. I have started exercising yet, and I have in fact avoided any unnecessary exertion due to a strained knee tendon. Since I started eating primal almost a month ago, I have definitely increased my consumption of protein.

    Thanks for the response!
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    Yes, I was skinny fat (or rather chubby fat =P) and had no muscle whatsoever.
    I was too weak to even do push-ups against the was pathetic. Once I started primal I grew muscle strength and size (just a tad since I'm female). I'm sporting a really nice bi-cept even though I've never lifted a thing, well other than my bag of bones and the giant pot filled with bone broth

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    Yes, I found the same result as you when I started eating primal. My muscles appeared more defined, like they had been when I used to work out at the gym, without any exercise at all!

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    You people never cease to amaze me. You will go to any length to improve your diets - but a little exercise every now and then is off the table.

    But hey, whatever floats your boat.

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    To a small extent, yes. But you're going to have to hit the iron to see continual progress.
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    i dont think its physically possible to gain muscle by simply eating protein, thats not how the body works

    whats probably more likely going on is you are losing body fat and starting to notice existing muscle that is already there
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    Unless you have a set amount of muscle mass that your genetics prefers to have you at, but your diet had been inhibiting that gene expression.
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    Yeah, as long as you eat well and primal, and do some walking, you will see MASSIVE improvement. Do that first and then gently nudge yourself towards more vigorous exercise/weight lifting.

    You will be fine. Have fun

    ps i would recommend looking at this site, and specifically reading this post
    Archevore - Archevore Blog - Exercise in the PaNu*scheme

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    You are walking and doing some basic strength exercises so you are working out. Just try to keep progressing.
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    As you lose fat you'll see muscle that you already had become more visible, and your muscles will feel less jiggly because you'll also lose some intramuscular fat, but new muscle growth comes from activity. So you will see a shift in body composition from diet and may look more muscular because of lower body fat, but you're not going to gain significant muscle mass through protein consumption alone.

    Seriously, people, PB is a set of 10 laws, only two of which refer to diet. No matter how strict you are about food, if you're skipping out on the others, you're nowhere near 100% or even 80% primal. If you want to be on a caveman diet, go on a caveman diet, but good health requires more than just cutting out the grains/legumes/sugar.
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