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Thread: Carbs and Strength Training

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    Carbs and Strength Training

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    So another gray area,

    I am doing Strength Training 2-3 times a week. The other days are just low goof around days. One sprint day.

    Seems like some people add carbs post work out. MS mentions that it's ok to take milk etc post WO.

    So is there consensus on adding carbs during workout days? Some people even do extra carbs the next day?

    My goals are to gain muscle. I am 167lbs biggest issue being belly fat.

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    How tall are you?
    I keep carbs under 100g and have had no probs lifting or with body weight work. I was taking a milk protein shake but after researching milk I have dropped that too. I still sometimes do an almond milk protein shake but it depends on my mood. I am 6foot 185lbs and around 14% body fat if that helps.
    Best thing is to try it and see.
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    Some people seem to need it more than others, but there is a trend of people going a bit higher carb on training days. When I first started primal, I found that I NEEDED a banana to get through my racquetball sessions. Now I really don't. It depends. But it's pretty accepted that for building muscle, carbs help a lot.
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