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Thread: Gastric bypass!!!!!!!!!

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    It's Korg World, they tell you to eat lots of crap then sell you expensive and risky medications and now expensive and risky surgeries to overcome the effects of the crap diet.

    Meanwhile, in Grok World . . .

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    Native Americans that ate a lot of corn weren't healthier than those before who were primarily carnivorous. Modern day examples like the Tarahumara survive almost entirely on nixtamalized (destroys lectins, makes more iron and zinc available) corn and squash, and while they are held up by the cardio crowd as a primal example of distance running (and barefoot, at that), they have constant and horrible dental problems and are fairly tubby.

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    Don't get me wrong, I would rather be lean/strong than tubby for a variety of reasons, but there is nothing inherently bad about having a small gut especially if you have next to no instances of heart disease, cancer, etc. like the Tarahumara.

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