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Thread: Best water filtration system

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    Best water filtration system

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    What water filtration system do all of you use? I'm trying to decide between one of those or poland spring delivery.

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    i used a faucet attachment brita and this gave me strong water. but then i stopped this and now i buy 24 packs for like 3$ at the super market.

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    What are you trying to filter out? Seriously... most U.S. drinking water is pretty darn good. That means that the "best" filtration depends on what your problem compound(s) are. Charcoal is great for organics but useless in filtering other contaminants. Also -- what do you consider a contaminant? I grew up on well-water FULL of fluorine compounds and have strong teeth as a result. Then again, that can health downsides.

    Basically, there is NO "best". Pure water is neither a plus nor minus. Natural, pre-industrial water sources had a TON of "contaminants", both organic and inorganic. Some were good for us, some not. You need to know what the problems, if any, are in your water and filter for THOSE.
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    I buy the 5 gallon Reverse Osmosis water at the store in reusable jugs for $2.50. I hate city water - the taste of the chlorine is not nice to me and I don't see why any adult needs to be drinking fluoride. I grew up drinking well water so I think I am more sensitive to the flavor a chlorine.

    There are also studies that show that there are small quantities of dozens of pharmaceutic drugs in in drinking water - anti-depressants, chemotherapeutics, erectile dysfunction, and antibiotics meds are all found in most city tap water.

    I am considering having the water in my current rental home tested. My dog had a vomiting problem. I never thought of the water, but then I had a friends dog staying here who started having vomiting issues. I switched them to the RO water and both were fine. I have twice gone back to tap water for my dog and within a few days he starts having vomiting issues. Either there is something crappy in my water or I have the most snooty mutt ever made!

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    Most US tap water is pretty terrible. Even here is WA the chlorine spikes twice a year and there's always fluoride to screw with your thyroid function. I only use water from the well on 164th as much as possible. My thyroid is no joke, and I refuse to let corporate jackals destroy it with their chemical waste. And no filter is particularly good at removing fluoride except for distilled and RO, and they you have to add minerals back to the water to make it drinkable anyway. Well water is the safest and cheapest around, also devoid of welbutrin and antibiotics, etc. There is a trace of hydrocarbon emission from the traffic, but we breathe that anyway and it's not hard for a healthy body to deal with. Can't wait to move out of the city to dodge that bullet, too!
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    Here in Oz we have very good water supplies but I hate the chlorine. It does evaporate after 20 mins in an open top container (like a jug) but I reckon the water still tastes vile! So When I saw a Stefani clay pot water filter at a sale for $5 I grabbed it. The 2 ceramic filters cost $50 but they last 4-6 months depending how often I clean them and how much water we put through. They also filter out everything but viruses!

    The water tastes great, there is no smell, it keeps cool in summer, and even my cats like it better and are drinking more. So I know the improvement is not my imagination!

    I recommend a clay pot water filter - and there are lots of brands on the market - to anyone.
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    Big Berkey is the most efficient way to go about it from what reading I've done.

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    I guess I'm lucky that I found 2 different water supplies that have the absolute best natural, underground, geothermal, high-mineral water....with extremely high levels of silica.

    This family had to drink distilled store water for the last 15 years because I didn't trust any other bottled water (i believe most are just city water).

    With this new found I can finally relax about getting enough minerals in our diet, it's all supplied with every drink of water we take.
    We have a filter for the shower...but still need to buy one for the tub, they're kind of expensive!

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    It does evaporate after 20 mins in an open top container (like a jug) but I reckon the water still tastes vile!

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    Our household water is rainwater off the roof, collected in a 15,000 gallon cistern. Because of mercury pollution from coal burning power plants, we run our drinking water through reverse osmosis to remove everything, and then it's run through a calcite mineral cartridge and a Japanese Wellness Filter. I keep a two-gallon dispenser of that water in my office, and I add a teaspoon of Concentrace minerals to every 2 gallon fill-up.

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