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Thread: Does anyone else worry...?

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    Does anyone else worry...?

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    I avoid grains totally, and never drink alcohol. I use coconut oil, olive oil, lard and butter at home... but turn a blind eye to cooking oils when I eat out. I rarely eat sugar, but do indulge guilt-free, every once in a while. I think white rice and potatoes are OK, once in a while. My meat is NOT pastured, so I try and get NZ beef and lamb as much as I can. My butter too, is from NZ - it's the best I can get. My eggs say they're organic, but that just means that they are raised in a large barn and fed organic grain. I use filtered water to drink and cook with, but I get it from a plastic bottle! My tap water smells strongly of chlorine and I use it for washing vegetables, showering, bathing, steam rooms, etc. I also suspect I drink chlorine when I order herbal tea or soup in a restaurant. But drinking water comes in a plastic bottle! I have minimized my 'chosen' chemical load to washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner and deodorant. I am unable to find alternatives. I don't know what my overall exposure is to plastics, and packaging, chemicals and carcinogens on a daily basis. I have thrown out the aluminium and teflon cooking pans and only use stainless. But, I read that my crock-pot and other glazed, Chinese-made cups and bowls could be leaching cadmium. I'm not happy about it, but what can I do? I still use aluminium foil, cling-film, tuppawares and food bags when I need to. But I try and avoid putting hot food into them. I do not microwave. I do BBQ. I make food choices now, based on what's good for me, rather than what 'tastes good'. I try to eat less pork and chicken, and more beef and lamb. I'm aware of the omega ratio, even though I probably don't always eat it correctly. I'm eating a tonne of seafood! I don't know if I should salt, or supplement, and if so how often and in what quantity. Am I doing enough? Am I doing the best I can? Is there more I should be doing...?

    I need to stop worrying!!!

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    You need to seriously relax. You are doing more then most and have educated yourself to allow for good decisions. Enjoy life and realize that what you are doing is making 99% healthier then every other person you know. Are you getting some excercise and time to relax? You need to focus your thoughts and energy on something else. Striving for absolute perfection breeds emotional distress and self doubt because of one's inability to meet this unrealistic expectation.

    Enjoy's short.
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    Just take each decision as it comes to you. Weigh your options and make the best, most reasonable choice as it happens and then be done with it.

    Living a life filled with stress isn't good for you either.

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    I have no idea what you're worrying about(block of text burn baby!) but yes stop worrying whatever it is.

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    So do you also worry that your tire could blowout casing a huge accident? Or that you could get hit by a bus, or killed by some stupid person with a gun? Or that our gov't could be taking us down a path of ruin? Or that your banker is laughing at you, or your cell phone company is tracking you? Or that the songs your kids are listening to will warp their minds and make them crazed drug addicts, or womanizing gang bangers?
    Do you worry that the atmosphere may become so polluted that you cannot play outside, or that the sun may explode and you won't know it for 8 minutes? LOL

    Be very afraid..... then enjoy that steak and eggs breakfast and get on with living.

    Living the dream, inside a myth

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaijinx View Post
    I avoid grains totally, and never drink alcohol. I use coconut oil, olive oil, lard and butter at home... but turn a blind eye to cooking oils when I eat out. I rarely eat sugar, but do indulge guilt-free, every once in a while. I think white rice and potatoes are OK, once in a while.
    I need to stop worrying!!!
    If you would have just stopped here, you'd have gotten a lot of better responses. If you don't eat grain, and only have potatoes once in a while, what are you getting in the restaurant that has cooking oil in it? If you still eat a lot of commercially prepared fried foods, you are definitely doing yourself a disservice! Generally when I eat out, I only get real food: steak, chicken, salad, steamed veggies, and limited rice/potatoes. For salad dressing, I use only olive oil & vinegar.

    So, yes, I worry about vegetable oil/fried foods/grains/sugar when I eat out--you should, too!

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    Orthorexia is a common side effect of going on the Primal Blueprint. Keep your head. It'll be all right. Some people live past 100 smoking, drinking, eating bread every day and who knows what else.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    yea that's crazy shit.

    i don't worry 'bout nuffin'.

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    there does not exist a more powerful murderer than stressballing.

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    I only worry about things I have control over. Make the decision and move on.. stress is far worse for your health then anything you are worrying about.

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