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    This has prolly been beaten to death, but what is the consensus on potatoes?
    I think they would be primal? From what I have been digging around they are primal but borderline, some people don't mind and some do, and some once in a week..

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    For the nightshade intolerant, avoid the white potatoes. Also, most potatoes are doused in herbicides and pesticides while grown, then spayed with mold inhibitors and sterilizers before being shipped. The people who grow them admit they'd never eat them. Organic would be the only way to go. But why bother, if you've got sweet potatoes?!

    Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are not a nightshade and make a great staple starch, especially if organic.

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    I personally eat them and enjoy them, with full fat sour cream or butter or as part of a slow cooker stew. I don't eat tons of them, but I don't avoid them either. I find that I eat so many more kinds of veggies now, they just don't fit in that often.
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    I just avoid the skins. Don't eat them often, but have mashed potatoes a couple times a month.
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    I eat them once or twice a week, but like kennelmom, I won't eat the skins.

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    I think they are primal as hell, but I can't eat a lot of them or I get fat.

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    Partner and I eat more carbs than some folks around here (he's marathon training, I do CF, and trying to be very low-carb is counterproductive), and we eat potatoes because it's nice to switch up the veggies sometimes. I will sometimes eat the skins but only after careful inspection to ensure there's no greening (a sign of increased toxins) and generally from reliable local farmers whose practices I trust.
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    Potatoes are considered a neolithic food because they were cultivated by humans to be a simple refined carb source without much nutrition. The skin and right below it contains tons of glycoalkaloids which are mildly to significantly toxic, depending on the individual.

    I never eat them - the severely aggravate my RA. I think that for healthy people without a weight problem they are probably okay if eaten without the skins.

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    An occasional treat- usually in the form of home fries when out to breakfast, or fries on wing night. Make good thickeners for soups/stews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    An occasional treat- usually in the form of home fries when out to breakfast, or fries on wing night. Make good thickeners for soups/stews.
    I would be especially careful with eating home fries or fries when out because they soak up a lot of the bad oil that they are cooked in. At home cooked in good fats....occasional treat is great!

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