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Thread: Iodine Anyone?

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    Thanks Grizz,

    After having two heart attacks I caught colds 4 to 5 times a year. I worked on a job several years ago, after the 2 heart attacks, and rode on a bus with over 40 other men for over 10 miles to get to our construction job site. It was in the low teens on the weather at the time. One man caught the flu and over the next few days all but three people caught the flu. I was one of those that didn't. I was taking over a hundred MILLIgrams of iodine a day and only 2000IU's of D3 at the time. Colds are a thing of the past for me.

    Here is another film about Aluminum, I mean chemtrails. I need a drink...

    What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) - YouTube!
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2t View Post
    Here is another film about Aluminum, I mean chemtrails.
    Enough already. I'm sure there are plenty of dedicated forums where you can discuss 'chemtrails' & faked moon landings & Elvis Presley crashing flying saucers into the WTC & whatever other lunacy you believe in.

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    Aluminum being forced into the human diet has EVERYTHING to do with an IODINE forum.

    Nuff said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    You (and everyone else) are free to do it any way you want at your own risk. We choose to follow the Dr. Brownstein Protocol because each supplement in the protocol has very specific reasons for being there and many thousands of patients have proven out the safety of his protocol.

    I will continue to recommend the Dr. Brownstein Protocol and you will continue to fight against it. So we can just agree to disagree. Fighting against doctors orders is not recommended. That is my position for now and forever.

    Best to you,
    I repeat - it is YOU not WE. And what is all this about fighting against doctors orders?? You, who have ranted on about how you don't trust the medical profession etc etc.

    Dr Brownstein is not my doctor. And Lugol's has been used for 170 years before Dr Brownstein produced the protocol which you so slavishly follow. Other doctors have other advice - equally valid. Dr Davis of wheat belly fame, for example, recommends kelp tablets. A much lower dose. Chris Kresser seems to think Iodine is not harmful if combined with selenium - hence my taking brazil nuts daily.

    You've done your reading and come to your conclusions. I have done mine and come to mine.

    Please stop telling me what to do, and realise that you are not infallible - your approach suits you. I am very pleased for you. But DO NOT tell me that my approach will lead to zits, thyroid storm and bloat. It hasn't, it doesn't and it won't.

    OK, you follow the Brownstein protocol. Just don't push it at me, please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radialhead View Post
    Enough already. I'm sure there are plenty of dedicated forums where you can discuss 'chemtrails' & faked moon landings & Elvis Presley crashing flying saucers into the WTC & whatever other lunacy you believe in.
    @@ radialhead,

    Stop being RUDE to my friend T2T. You are not going to learn anything with a CLOSED MIND. Morgellons Disease & Chemtrails are facts, let us hope that you NEVER suffer from Morgellons. If you don't stop being RUDE, I'm going to send my sister over to your house to Jump & Down on you! Video of my sister

    I have a theory that Morgellons Disease, Scabies, colds & flu are suffered by people with poor immunity. Folks who are sufficient in iodine & Vitamin D3 are immune from such horrific afflictions.
    Iodine Therapy


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    You seem to have some trouble reading English. Let me repeat,

    You are free to do iodine any way you want at your own risk.

    I will continue promoting the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol. You should promote whatever doctor's protocol you want.


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    Ok... I won't be RUDE to T2T...
    Let's see:
    Distorted perceptions of reality... check.
    Delusions... check
    Disordered thinking... check
    I will say however that you are BOTH certifiable. And could probably use a heaping side dose of clozapine and haloperidol to start, you can keep your side order of iodine if you want, to get the conspiracies in your head under control.

    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.

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    Thanks Grizz,

    Actually I have an open mind that men on this Earth can be helpful to each other and can achieve a greater good than themselves. I had a hard time believing that a mere man could set giant stones upon each other, especially starting on soft ground, as I have been told all my life that Aliens did it, including the pyramids. But my thinking changed in 2011 when I saw this video. Go Wally! And I have always liked Coo Coo clocks.

    Building Stonehenge - Wally Wallington Can Move Anything! - YouTube

    P.S. As BIG as the Universe is my mind can reserve some space for ET.

    P.S.S. If one good man can achieve such a great feat by himself imagine what a group of greedy, evil, trillionairs can do. But wait! One would have to be Coo Coo to believe such a conspiracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Actually, back here in reality land, they are called Contrails not Chemtrails. The con stands for condensation. It is not a trail of smoke. It is condensed water vapor due to the heat of the plane passing through cold air. Like the way you can "see your breath" on a cold day. The reason "they didn't used to do that" is because modern jets fly at higher altitudes where the air is colder.

    But I suppose a gubment plot is much more fun than some actual facts. Carry on.
    Quote Originally Posted by breadsauce View Post
    Jet engines have ALWAYS left white trails - contrails - which are water vapour condensing in the cold upper atmosphere. It is much the same as when you breathe out on a cold day and see your breath. Also known as vapour trails.


    Posting such conspiracy theory nonsense calls into question the whole of this already very questionable thread. If you want this thread to be taken seriously, post serious, scientifically validated information, not statements like contrails having just started when they have been there since the very first jet flights.

    Rant over!
    Hello, fellow sensible person.

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