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Thread: Iodine Anyone?

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    Iodine Anyone?

    Iodine awareness needs to improve. It's a very critical nutrient that is important for energy levels and metabolism, and it's essential for the proper functioning of your thyroid and every cell in your body.

    I picked up some Lugol's iodine (a liquid iodine supplement). I've been adding only 1 drop to my morning glass of water every other day. And let me tell you, you notice a huge boost in energy on those days. Iodine is essential for your thyroid and so is selenium. It boosts thyroid productivity and causes an increase in basal metabolic rate (helps weight loss?). Apparently some believe Americans are grossly iodine deficient, as the only source is the potassium iodide that is artificially added to refined salt. When you cut out processed foods which contain salt, you are thus cutting out your only source of this very important nutrient!

    Natural sources of iodine include: Seaweed, Seafood (haddock, cod, sea bass, perch, sardines, shrimps, clams, lobsters and oysters), Milk, Eggs and Tuna.

    Iodine 101 - by Grizz

    What are your thoughts/experiences with iodine?
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