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Thread: Dr. Terry Wahl's research? page 3

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    She discusses the study at AHS12

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    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonfly View Post
    Um, no censorship folks.

    She's written a book and is looking for a publisher: Up From The Chair-Defeating Progressive MS without Drugs | Dr Wahls New Book | Food as Medicine

    Lots of other links to books & previous research on her site.

    And you know what's really cool? Her son is Zach Wahls!
    I had no idea this was her son! What a tribute to her as a mother, I think both Dr. Wahls and her son are amazing people and we need more like them <3 Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, best wishes in the New Year!

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    Wow, this thread on food as medicine and research is so hopeful. Also looking forward to viewing all of Wahl's videos on youtube.
    Thanks for all the info and to jammies for link to research on MS. I am a Social Worker with several clients with MS. Very interested in topic.

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    So, it sounds like part of the Wahls protocol requires the consumption of 9 cups of vegetables per day (specific veggies). 3 cups of veggies per meal if you do 3 meals a day -- is it really that difficult? Maybe I'll change my tune once I try it...

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