So I have a really long weight loss story. I have always been heavy since being a child. The proverbial fat kid. I peaked out 15 years ago at 300 lbs. Very sad, unable to be active, and probably spending $200 a week filling my body with crap. At 20... mobility limited. A physician told me I was on a fast track to an early death. It woke me up and I became vegetarian and started exercising a bit and lost 50 lbs. I spent a few years hovering from 230lbs to 250 lbs. (I'm a 5'7 female). I got sick of it, so really restricted my food. I'm ashamed- but I simply ate a regimin or 200 calories one day, then 400, 600, 800, 1000 start over at 200 etc. Anything would do- a snickers, eggwhites. Whatever. It worked and I got down to 210.

Then I discovered running. I trained for a marathon and competed. And ate like a normalish vegetarian. Probably 1800 calories a day. And my weight was... drumroll.... 205 lbs. So the summer of 2010 it was all gonna get done. I followed a "healthy" eating plan (1500 calories a day!), heavy on grains and low fat foods, PLUS I did the Insanity tapes, then ran 5 miles, then went horseback riding. I did this for 3 months, lost 5 lbs, not a dress size (muscle under fat, thanks...). I gave up. (*^*&(^ it. I looked like a typical fat american while busting my butt to work out and eating frankly unappetizing meals.

So this fall, I started Primal. Down to 195 from a start of 213. My exercise is horseback riding and the occasional dog walk. I even cheated all through Christmas- a cookie here, Baileys there. I started eating meat. My skin is clearing up. Some anxiety issues are clearing up. I have energy (going to start more weight lifiting in the New Year- but I needed the two months off - I was BURNED OUT on exercise). The food is amazing. I actually feel satisfied after a dinner of chicken, sweet potato, BUTTER and asparagus. Like I don't need 1/2 cup of ice cream to round things out. If I want a sweet, fruit hits the spot. When did a banana become decadant? I'm never hungry.

I feel like I'm in control, not deprived, and unlike past diets, I feel satisfied mentally and physically. And, well...I've lost 18 lbs. In two months. With several "episodes" of cheating. I don't feel like I am dieting or depriving at all. I feel like I am fueling my mind and body with what it needs. And I'm not exercising 8 hours a week.

Two months of brutal exercise and eating pathetic foods like whole wheat couscous with chickpeas and unsweetened oatmeal with a dollop of non fat yogurt lost me 5 lbs. Walking my dog and riding my horse while eating an omelet with EGG YOLKS!, bacon! Asparagus, Avocado... pineapple... has lost me 18 lbs. Umm buhbye grains, sugar and nonfat dairy. Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!