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Thread: Problem with gaining weight

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    Hey damnation

    I'm a college student too, isn't it fun paying out the nose and knowing you still have loans to cover once you get out...hooray for debt. Anyway, I found that eggs make for a great source of cheap protein/fat/food when it comes to gaining mass. I would suggest going for what Mark says in his post on gaining mass ( ) and try to eat about a dozen eggs a day on top of what you are already eating.

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    I've been primal for 6 months now--without exercise. Lost 11 pounds. Am just about to begin doing some body weight bearing routines and light sprinting.

    It definitely gets expensive with the food. Wife is not too thrilled that I've "moved up" to 1lb. burgers (grass fed) on burger night (no roll of course). And for breakfast I sometimes crack two fried eggs over a piece of chicken florentine (boneless chicken breast, spinach, butter, olive oil).

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    Thanks again lads!

    You really did open my eyes! Gonna give plenty of eggs and additional milk a go and will see what happens. I hope a gain in mass!

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