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Thread: Superbowl Party Food!

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    Alright, Primal BPers -

    I know how wild us Primal folks can get and I KNOW some of you are throwing some Superbowl Parties - What's everyone going to eat?

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    I'm making guacamole with some local avocados (CSA basket = yay) and picking up a bag of pork rinds to dip into them.

    If I were hosting a party (I'm not - we're partywhoring and going to 2 different ones, or that's the plan anyway) I'd also make cream cheese filled bacon-wrapped jalapenos, baked cheese crisps (might still make those to bring - yum), and this stuff

    Also hot wings (w/homemade ranch dressing to dip) are always a good choice - I don't want to make them and bring them to someone's house though because they'd get cold on the way I'm sure.

    You could make meatballs in a non-sugary sauce...

    tons of good stuff.

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    I'm looking to eat my Primal Meatballs, some Hot Wings or perhaps some Primal Pizza. Tried the Primal Pizza last week and it is too good to pass up; plus it will offset all the inevitable Dominos' Pizza commercials touting their new crust...

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    Superbowl is easy, it's all about good meat! I'm doing wings, jalapeno poppers (just like FNW described up there) and deviled eggs. If I was actually having people over I'd do guacamole, and a cheese and meat plate probably. Onion dip with veggies is a good party tray too.

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    Wings, carnitas (with burrito-type trimmings for guests, in a bowl with salsa and maybe a little sour cream for me), some good organic blueberries I found yesterday, dips with veggies. Deviled eggs is a good idea -- I might do that too if I have time.

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