Hello all!

My goal is to provide updates to my journal several times a week from now until I reach my goal weight/BF%...and hopefully after! Provided I have the will power to continue this until that day I'll have a huge success story to tell and should be able to be an inspiration to others...That's the plan anyway. Without further ado, here's the background:

I'm 28 years old and, with the exception of my junior & senior year of high school, have struggled with my weight my whole life. In high school I was on a championship baseball team two years in a row and worked out diligently. At least three times a week for a couple hours in the weight room followed by three miles or so on the track and then hours in the bullpen for practice (I was a catcher). With that schedule I was able to eat whatever I wanted and didn't have to worry about having a weight problem. After high school I went straight to college and kept eating the same way but stopped working out entirely...Then I married a woman that didn't know how to cook and worked at Domino's while finishing my degree. This resulted in late night meals of pizza, wings, breadsticks, and the occasional "healthy" treat of frozen pastas with sauce. As a result and a continuously sedentary lifestyle my weight roller coastered (if that's even a word) to a high of 500 pounds. January of 2011 I knew things had to change...

I started P90X and had significant reductions in waist, chest, hips, etc. and weighed at the end at 493. After completing one round of P90X I just stopped...I continued eating a somewhat healthy CW diet with frequent splurges thrown in. In August, I decided to enter a 5K along with a coworker and started training through the "Couch to 5K" program while "buckling" down on my diet. I tracked every morsel of food I ate and logged it on Livestrong.com. I finally had a chance to weigh on a medical scale at my parents and saw that I'd lost a whopping 4 pounds from the previous weigh-in, 489. That was mid-September. I had been reading MDA for a while and felt like it was "too easy" but was so frustrated I decided to give it a shot. I continue training for my 5K but cut out carbs and focused on eating meat, fruits and veggies. As of Saturday, December 24, I weighed 440. I am pumped about my progress and cannot wait to see where this next year takes me!

My goal for 2012 is 150 pounds...and my final destination is a sub-10% BF reading...whatever weight that happens to be at. Based on my fitness level in high school I think that'll be somewhere in the 220-225 range.

I'm entering a weight loss competition at work and am hoping that will give me a great jump on the new year and my new goal. Thanks for the inspiration that this forum has already provided and I'm looking forward to being an inspirational "Friday Success Story" for someone in the not too distant future!

Thanks for reading!


Here's a pic of me in high school (far right in the back) and one from early September.