Dunno if anyone will read this, but here it is!
I started my food journey when I was in my teens. My family had moved from San Diego to the middle of nowhere (wasola, MO), back to the land, to raise all our own food. It was a major culture shock for the little hippy girl that I was, but the food was awesome, until I started getting migraines. I went vegetarian, and the migraines went away. Then I tried eating various things, and it was the pork every time. Years later I understood that it was the nitrates/nitrites in the pork, not the actual meat itself. But this began a years long journey of vegetarianism, only interrupted after each of 4 pregnancies by an incessant craving for beef. I'd eat beef until I no longer liked the taste of it, and then back to my grains, beans, and tofu. After my 4th child I went vegan for 7 years, then had a sudden desire to eat salmon (I'd never liked fish), which I ate regularly for awhile. I'm allergic to all dairy products, and struggled with low blood sugar (and sugar addiction) in my 20s.

There was a part of me that believed a vegetarian/vegan diet was better for the planet, but in my 30s I started gaining weight and it seemed like no matter what I did, I kept gaining it. There was a macrobiotic phase, more attempts at being vegan, and finally 2 stints as a raw vegan, which allowed me to lose weight, but I was spacey and couldn't maintain that lifestyle. The first lasted 6 months and ended when I cracked a tooth, all of my teeth became sensitive to cold, and I took that as a sign I needed warm foods, so it was back to miso soups and the like. That's when the sensitivity to wheat became obvious, along with leaky gut syndrome. The second raw run lasted about the same time, and ended when I broke out in shingles from too many nuts (high in arginine). Ever since then I can't eat more than a handful of nuts once in awhile. That winter I was constantly sick with lung infections. Looking back on it all, it's kind of humorous. Around that same time I read "The Yoga of Eating", by Charles Eisenstein, a great little book.

A few years ago I started really listening to my body, and asking how do I feel after meals. I also started reading about Paleo and I started eating meat again, and stopped getting sick. I've been growing my own produce for years, and for the last couple of years I've been getting most of my meat from local people as well. I especially do well with grass fed beef.

A few months ago I started reminiscing about some of my old vegan meals, and the next thing you know I was eating ezekial bread daily, rice and stir fries, etc. I love that food, but my guts hurt, and very quickly gained back 20#, and in august got another lung infection. It took weeks to heal, partly because I was in denial about my food choices. I got back on track by making a big batch of beef broth from marrow, rib, and knuckle bones, and drinking that stock with my meat & veggie meals.

Now I'm back to feeling great! I realized that supporting local purveyors of REAL whole food is probably the best thing I can do for the planet, as well as the local economy, and of course, we all know that it just tastes SO much better too. I eat lots of eggs, various meats, and lots of veggies. Occasional nuts, fruit, and once in awhile I allow a cheat. I started at 195 this time around, and maybe I'll weigh in next week.