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Thread: Primal Apps?

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    Primal Apps?

    So I finally broke down and got a smart phone. I've been using the old Motorola Razor for the past 4 years and when I saw my friend skyping with his family on his iphone I finally relented.

    My question to you is, are there any good primal apps for smart phones out there?

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    I have an iPhone. Sounds like you have too. If you decided on something else, some of these apps might not be relevant. Anyway. Here we go.

    My health related apps:

    Weightbot (track your weight)
    Your Are Your Own Gym (amazing app and book)
    Tabata Timer (good name)
    Heart Rate (ditto)

    Other great apps with some sort of primal twist:

    Star Walk (get outside, look at the stars)
    Pulse (stay up to date on everything, including MDA)
    YNAB (today, human beings need to deal with money and budgeting, master that and you are much more free to enjoy primal living)
    Spotify (Grok liked music too)
    Kindle (get the primal books on your smart phone)
    Instacast (listen to podcasts without syncing with iTunes, fx Latest in Paleo)

    Have fun with your new phone, and let's hear some other recommendations :-)

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    There's also primal feed
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    Love Primal Feed.

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    Try Robb Wolf on instacast.

    I am surprised there aren't more, I keep looking.

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    I love to cook, so I have FastPaleo as an app. Haven't used it much, but it seems full of recipes and got good reviews. iphone...

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