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Thread: Time management - please offer suggestions

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    nausea and itching....i have been tested for allergy, and, strangely enough, I am allergic to meats and milk but not to wheat or corn...don't know what gives...

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    Thank you, everyone, this has been quite helpful.

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    @MrB: What do you mean? I think the OP posted a viable question. I had to go through this too when starting out primal.

    I'm similar to hannah & Tara, basically:

    - I usually shop once a week, Thurs or Saturday.

    - When I get home, I wash/prep veggies and make salad or soup in a big batch.

    - Boiled eggs are a nice snack. I usually hardboil 4 or so, so that I can pair it with fruit and have a breakfast or snack on the go.

    - Meat: I cook a big batch of it and combine with various meals. I freeze what I'm not going to use to avoid wastage. Meat is also something good to buy in bulk and freeze if it's on special. Some weeks I don't buy meat at all because it's already in the freezer.

    - Roast a whole chicken for yourself! It's awesome! You can use the whole bird in various meals, make stock etc.

    - I think the real time-saver is to prepare in bulk. While I do cook a fresh omelette or stir fry here and there, a lot of my week is spent grabbing meals that have already been prepped and heating it up.

    @allergies: there's still other options... varieties of fish, poultry. With nuts, have you tried soaking them? I believe that helps with digestion.

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    'Light - it's all been said, but I sympathize with ya in a different way. I have a large family and multiple responsibilities. I use evenings or Sunday afternoons to make a batch of said recipe and then it's ready for me the next day for lunch, supper, etc.

    The fun part here is experimentation - don't fight the prep time; embrace it. Find recipes that appear to interest you, put on some music and use it to de-stress from the week. Then you'll find recipes that agree with your lifestyle and the more you fix them, the more efficient your prep becomes and you then can compile a virtual grocery list which also makes the grocery trip more efficient when you know where the things you want are located.

    Pre-prep your snacks by sandwich-bagging them and placing them in a small bin in your pantry or refrigerator also.

    Most of the recipes on here will feed you for multiple meals - making Primal Meatballs and Primal Jambalaya on here are my faves. If I prepped them today, they'd last me most of the week and I could alternate eating them to shake it up.

    Lunches are the easiest - have pre-heated and refrigerated chicken or cold shrimp along with pre-cut veggies ready to go - making the salad then is a snap.

    Everyone has added some great ideas; I'm simply re-emphasizing this is much easier than it gets credit. With the renewal in energy you'll find from eating Primal, it only gets easier as well.

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    Not trying to be jackass or honestly, maybe I shouldn't have commented at all, looking back.

    But, c'mon: OP's an obvious adult, shopped/cooked for a family, knows what foods illicit an allergic response.

    Take that knowledge and add to it that this "diet" at the very basic level is primarily meat/fruit/vegetables...

    Is it really far fetched to wonder why someone has to come on here and ask how to do something as basic as "shoppping and cooking for one"?

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    Mr. B, as I re-read my own post, I understand where your sarcasm might be coming from. If I was a stranger without any understanding just how drastically my lifestyle changed (including the new-found knowledge of allergies), I, too, would have been tempted to comment like you did.

    I have, however, received plenty of helpful responses and for that I am thankful.

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    Tara thanks for recommending my site. I appreciate it.

    I cook a lot and never feel "chained to the kitchen." I love cooking and embrace that time ... plus, the prep time is rarely more than 20-30 minutes.

    Lately for breakfast and lunch I have been mostly snacking due to pregnancy food aversions - eating things like cottage cheese, fruit/veggies, nuts, leftovers from dinner, whatever I can think of to grab and put in a lunchbox to take to work with me.

    But for dinner my husband and I make a meal plan each week so I don't have to think about what to cook. That saves a LOT of time... when it's time to cook I have a plan.

    We also boil a dozen eggs at a time so they're in the fridge ready to grab for snacks or meals (put in a salad, or make egg salad to dip carrot sticks in, whatever).

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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