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Thread: Nursing Home Serious Questions

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    Some infections require quarantine! Ummmm tuberculosis for one...
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    People need to get tough and serious about their health so they don't end up in nursing homes. I wish intermittent fasting would catch on with the public but it's not likely it ever will.
    There's at home care, not sure how much more expensive that is but insurance covers it. People have options, they don't have to go to nursing homes. What we need to hear more of is how awful nursing homes are- there is some outcry but true to everything in this country not much.

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    Unfortunately, elderly abuse and neglect are huge problems today. Many facilities do not treat their seniors with respect or dignity. It can be difficult to choose a facility for your loved one knowing this. Many senior citizens are upset by having to give up their freedom.

    It is a very scary thing that our senior are being neglected and abused. Here are a couple of articles that have valuable information about protecting yourself and loved one when considering assisted living or a home for them.

    Senior Care - What is an Ombudsman?

    National Center on Elder Abuse - Administration of Aging

    Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

    I hope these resources answer your questions. It can be a hard decision and preparing yourself will help you make it.

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