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Thread: Sugar

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    I am ok with cutting out sugar right - for the most part. AHEM.

    I drink three cups of coffee a day. Each with 3 raw sugars = 9 raw sugars. This is my only vice. I love coffee with sugar

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    Try using palm or coconut sugar instead. Its an unrefined sugar with a much lower glycemic load than cane sugar. I use it in my coffee and it tastes great. I also dont think theres a lot wrong with unrefined sugars as long as we keep them in the quantities that might occur if we were foraging. Very low compared to our total food intake. The problem with sugar is not nessarily the substance but the fact weve made them a major food group instead of a condiment.

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    Ha ha, that's a pretty good vice! I have a son and OH who drink 'tea' and 'coffee' like you. You're not drinking coffee, you're having a sweet drink. I'll bet you don't even like coffee???
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    If you insist on have so much sweetener, you'd be better off using glucose syrup rather than bombarding your liver with concentrated fructose.

    Coffee tastes better when you can taste the coffee
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    That's a lot of sugar! Can you try cutting back the amount? Your taste buds should adjust. I know it's controversial but I use a little stevia extract in my coffee. Even though I wasn't a big sweets person before going paleo, I've noticed that my taste for sweet has naturally gone down. I use about 1/3 as much as I did when I first started.

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    I think that's definitely more sugar than you want to be putting in yourself.

    Try stevia (brand: Truvia). I actually kind of like the stuff in a few things (although I can't have it right now - or my coffee for that matter - until I win the battle with GERD).

    Personally, the longer I drank coffee, the more I just liked it black. Now I love it black... have to have it that way. Try adding less sugar each time for a while and see if you can get it lower. Even just getting it down to one or two packets would be an improvement. Then maybe try and keep lowering it. I promise, the black stuff gets addictive after a while. Try buying higher quality coffee. Might help if it tastes good.

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    I'm all for a little flexibility, but that it quite a lot of sugar to take in every day. Maybe try making one cup of coffee with the sugar and then just refill the cup with coffee and cream each time it gets half empty without adding any sugar. It will gradually get less sweet.

    The other option would just be to cut out the sugar cold turkey. Your taste buds adjust quickly. I love sweet stuff, but now the thought of three sugars in a coffee sounds terrible to me.

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    That's a lot of sugar, and a lot of coffee. Maybe cut back to two a day, and then gradually reduce the amount of sugar you use. I don't think a couple of teaspoons of sugar/day is a big deal, but 9 is pushing it. Have you tried something like coconut cream? It's sweet, so it might replace the need for so much sugar.
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    You'll never become a fat-burner with that mch sugar daily.

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    Watch all 5 parts of this video and then decide how much sugar you want to continue to consume...

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