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Thread: Primal Journal-KJAKE55

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    Day 8.

    B5:30am):2 scram eggs, 4 oz turkey breast, berry/almond mix

    S10:00am):Banana, 1 oz walnuts

    L12:00):Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies


    D6:30):4 oz turkey breast, roasted veggies, HB egg, 12 small strawberries

    S9:00):2 peppermint patties...the last 2 that were in the house. Won't be replacing them next time I'm shopping.

    Water, coffee, tea. M/V & Krill. Not much exercise, walked at work.

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    Day 9

    (B)5:30am)Banana, 2 scram eggs, chiicken breast, strawberry/almond mix

    (S)11:30):1 oz walnuts, HB egg

    (L)12:00):4 cups salad w. 1/2 cup chicken & RWV, yogurt


    Pre W/O5:00):Prograde w. 8 oz water

    (D)8:00):Whey Smoothie: 8 oz almond milk, 3/4 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop whey protein. 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 cup cooked cauliflower

    Coffee,tea,water. M/V and Krill. Corssfit WOD.

    Day 10.

    B5:30):Banana, HB egg, chicken breast, 6 lg. strawberries

    (S)10:00):1oz walnuts, necterine

    (L)12:00):Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies


    (D)6:00):Applebees:6 boneless hot wings, spinach salad w/grilled shrimp (no dressing), 1 1/2 lg glasses rasberry lemonade.

    Coffee, tea, water. M/V and Krill. No exercise and I feel it today...tight, sluggish and stiff. Need to move around some more.

    Started fitday analysis on my food journal the other day. Averaging 40% of my calories from carbs :-( I need to make SERIOUS changes. Today is 7/3/09 and my own personal independence day! I am commited to cutting the sugar from my diet!

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    Exciting addendum to Day 10. (Exciting for me at least). Last night was the 1st night that I can remember (honestly, the very 1st night I remember) where I din't have anything to eat after dinner. No dessert, no snack, no munchies, nothing! Wow! P.S. I'm down 2.1 lbs since 6/15 when I started trying this. Hooray! :-)

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    No post for 7/3/09--changed note books and forgot to bring it with me to log on line...

    Posting July 4th weekend. Not too bad for a 1st timer w/a 3-day holiday even though I forgot Friday's notes. Not perfect I admit but not bad either.

    7/4/09 (Day 11):

    (B)7:30--yeah for sleeping in!)2 scram eggs, berry/almond mix, banana

    (S)10:30):sauteed cabbage w/apples, 1 oz macadania nuts

    (L)?:??):grilled chicken over cobb salad (at a diner so no dressing)

    (D)?:??):breadless burger w/roasted peppers and grilled veggies

    (S)9:30):yogurt, dried apricots

    1 cocktail durig the day...walked a ton w/hubby around Morristown and then the park with the dog

    Day 12.

    (B)Banana, 2 scram eggs, berry/almond mix

    (L):turkey and cheese sandwhich (removed the bread and just ate the meat and cheese), watermelon

    (S):1 black apricot, macadamia nuts

    (D):HB egg, sweet potato w/butter, cabbage w/apples and 3 oz. chicken breast

    (S):Peach, 1 tbsp almond butter

    2 beers

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    7/6/09 (Day 13)

    B5:30am):2 scram eggs, chicken breast, berry/nut mix


    L12:00pm):4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken, HB egg

    S2:00pm):dried apricots & macadamia nuts

    Pre W/O:Apple & Prograde w/8oz water

    Post W/O:Prograde w/8oz water

    D7:30pm):Greek yogurt w/cherries (YUCKOLA!)...after that berries&nuts & salad w/plain tuna (no mayo)

    Coffee (w/heavy cream), water. M/V & Krill. Walked & CF WOD. Weight is back up from day 10. I really must have over did it. Oh well, I've never been able to maintain anything under 140. That's just gonna be me I guess. ;-( Be healthy and forget the rest!

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    Vacationing as primally as possible. Not logging anything right now (or posting much for that matter) but paying close attention to what I eat and drink and so far so good!

    7/6 was a bad day. It's better now. I need to learn not to make the scale numbers so important. Old habits die really hard sometimes. I'm losing again so maybe that's why I can say that but none the less it's something I need to work on.

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    Love that motto- be healthy and forget the rest! Have fun on vacay.

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    Back from vacation and not too much worse for the ware. Stayed as primal as possible except for 1 day when it was just carb city. Funny though, when I went to bed that night I had heartburn to beat the band and an upset stomach most of the next day. I managed to maintain my weight through-out and got myself back on track w/shopping trips to Trader Joes, Whole Foods and the Co-op I belong to. I'm loaded up on fresh/organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, butters, eggs, etc. I also started a new vitamin plan w/MV, Krill, CoQ10 & Magnesium. I'm thinking I need to give it 60-days before I start to feel any results if I'm actually going to feel any at all. Anyway...

    Sun. 7/19 (Day 27):

    B: Banana, pork chop (left over from last night), almonds

    L: 1/2 avacado stuffed w/chicken/shrimp salad over field greens (very yummy)

    S: assorted melon, veggies and seeds (while making up my salad for the week)

    D: Rib eye steak, 2 stuffed grape leaves (indulgent but it was the last night of the vacation)

    S:Carrot-Walnut bread (from the worker bee recipe) spread w/light layer of cream cheese and diced up dried appricots

    Mon. 7/20 (Day 28) back to work and reality :-(

    B: HB egg, berries, chiken breast

    S: Peach, 1/4 cup apricot kernels

    L: Large salad w/balsamic vinegar, HB egg

    S: Apple

    Pre W/O: celery w/almond butter, Prograde w/ 8oz water

    Post W/O: Porgrade w/8oz water

    D: Salad w/sundried tomato dressing, 1 can sardines

    AM warm-up, walked, Crossfit WOD

    Tue. 7/21 (day 29)

    B: 2 scram eggs, berries, slice of carrot-walnut bread

    S: banana, 1/4 cup macadamia nuts

    L: Egg drop soup, steamed chicken w/veggies

    S: HB Egg, 1 cup grapes

    Pre W/O: Apple w/almond butter, Prograde w/8oz water

    Post W/O: Prograde w/8oz water

    D: Chicken breast, some fruit (melon & cherries), slice of carrot-walnut bread

    Crossfit WOD-went up 5lbs in wt in my 1-arm presses...yeah! progress. Seems to be the toughest of all for me is to get the weight above my head w 1-hand

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    Wed. 7/22 (day 30)

    B: 2 scam eggs, chicken breast, berry/almond mix

    S: Banana

    L: Lg. salad w/grilled chicken

    S: Macadamia nuts

    D: Chicken breast w/salad (gee, sounds alot like lunch!) and a sliver (a sliver) of chocolate close yet so far from being clean!

    30 days in. My goal for the next 30 days is to stay on track, keep learning and to eat cleaner (no sugar--way less carbs--maybe a little more fat), possibly try the IF thing but I actually get shaky thinking about that one. I also need to start tracking protein/carbs & fat but fitday can be a real chore. I have to look into the others like dailyplate and see if they are anymore user friendly.

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    Thur. 7/23 (day 31)

    B: 2 scram eggs, chicken breast, berries/almonds

    S: Carrot-walnut bread, HB egg

    L: Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies

    S: Macadamia nuts

    Pre W/O: Prograde w/8 oz. water

    Post W/O: Prograde w/8 oz. water

    D: Turkey Ch burger (no bread & organic pepper jack cheese) w/salsa & 2 garlic pickle slices, salad w/lime vinegareete

    S: 7 oz. unsweetened chocolate almond milk & handful of cherries

    walked & Crossfit WOD

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