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Thread: Salad for breakfast - first

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    Salad for breakfast - first

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    I woke up this morning wanting a salad for breakfast. First time THAT ever happened!

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    Sounds yummy! I'm doing high protein breakfasts at the moment and have a pile of greens with them. but even before primal I often had greens and tomato with my breakfast. People thought I was strange having rocket and watercress for breakfast. The bitterness of the greens really complements the protein.

    Many other cultures have savoury for breakfast. I blame kelloggs for the idea that breakfast should be sweet!

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    Prior to cereal being the only fast food and hence becoming a staple for breakfast. People in my part of the world (Israel) ate a salad or cut veg with cottage cheese and hard cheeses, eggs and bread...

    The hotels still provide loads of salads for breakfast but most homes just have cereal and hot/cold chocolate. I have cereal and porridge for the kids 3 times a week and eggs and veg for the other days.

    I have gone back to eating cut up veg or salad for breakfast several times a week.

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    only when I moved to the US (at the age of 40) I discovered that people are NOT eating salad as their breakfast. I couldn't understand why would anybody choose to start the day with cookies and cakes (o.k., pancakes and cereals). and yes, I am from Israel too.

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    I don't often eat salad for breakfast but I have on occasion and I love it! My mother always comments on how I've always liked salads.
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    Glad I am not the only one craving a salad for breakfast. Started primal March 1st and for the last three weeks, I have had one for breakfast once or twice a week. I really like it with a little bit of fruit. Have not told the nonprimal members of the family...yet. They already think this is a wierd turn of events. The salad included cut up strawberries, left over beer can chicken (Yum!), with EVOO and basalmic vinegar. Wanted to drink the leftover salad dressing.


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    Well non primal people don't seem to be averse to cold pizza for breakfast so why not a salad?
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    Yep. Salad for breakfast is great.

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    Yum yum!

    Salad topped with bacon and avocado is the best way to start the day.
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