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    i don't vaccinate because 1, there are many strains of flu every year the vaccine doesn't cover. i see it as a pointless venture. 2, my immune system is strong enough now that i don't require it. 3, i've only had it once in my entire life anyway despite people sneezing on things around me, relatives who never washed their hands, and people being gross in general. i'm ocd. i wash my hands frequently and don't rub them all in my eyes and mouth when i go shopping.

    i see arguments of 'think of the elderly and children' as redundant and alarmist. 1, because the elderly and the children can be just as germy and disgusting as everyone else and 2, diseases have more impact on them regardless of vaccinations.

    no matter how clean i am, the idiot right behind me will sneeze right in their faces and not give 2 shits about it. so to say that i, refusing the flu vaccine because i do not like foreign bodies in my body and do not want foreign bodies that do not protect against all the flu bodies flying around every year, will kill old people and be responsible for the deaths of small children i am related to. well. life must be lovely on Hill of Snooty Superiority
    yeah you are

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    One other reason~ they push it so hard!!! Why? To the best of my (45years of adult) knowledge, they don't really care about the general welfare of the public~ so what's the big issue??? Oh wait, money~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nady View Post
    When they test everyone for anti-bodies before the shot and then a month after, and find antibodies where there were none, then we have something to talk about. Oh~ and it would be nice if it lasted more than 11 months!
    It's not that flu shots don't last more than 11 months, it's that each flu shot is vaccinating against a different strain of flu virus. Developing the vaccinations takes time, and therefore the reason they appear ineffective is because the developers of the vaccines have to anticipate which strain will be a problem in the coming year.

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    A universal flu vaccine would kill the big pharma cash cow, so it wont happen. I'm sure they already have the technology but shelved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I know I will get shouted down but one vote here for social as well as personal and family responsibility. Get vaccinated.
    I realize this is an old thread but it's one of the first that came up using the site's search engine... I myself support getting the flu vaccine and was wondering what the prevailing opinion here is?

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    no and no.
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    I have no problem with other people doing it, but my experience has been that I get sick (VERY sick) if I get the flu vaccine and I don't get sick if I don't. The last time I got the flu vaccine I ended up in the hospital with heart attack like symptoms (crushing chest pain, shortness of breath, so weak I could barely walk down the hall). I don't know what happens to my body. Perhaps it's coincidence- although it's happened so many times that I don't think so, and the years I skip the flu shot I'm fine. Anyway, I haven't had a flu shot in two years and I'm doing fine.

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    not I

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    No, I prefer to skip the annual toxic dose of mercury.... Plus, I never get it anyway....

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    you could just read the thread. pretty much we all answered before. lol

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