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Thread: Going Primal in Australia

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    Red face Going Primal in Australia

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    Just wanted to introduce myself! New to the forums and looking at starting a primal lifestyle. Reading through the blueprint and just received the 21-day book which I plan on starting next year (after the in-laws have gone home).

    I managed, through running and calorie counting to lose 20kgs over the last year and now want to lose a few more whilst improving my overall toning and fitness. Also, I want to eradicate processed food from both mine and my kids diet. Primal seems to best way to go. I'll be 40 next year and plan on doing a marathon (sorry Mark!) just to tick it off!

    Anyway, I'm in Australia and would love to hear from anyone who is attempting to live the primal way down here, or anyone with any tips.

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    Canberra, Australia

    You might find this thread useful
    Lost the weight using CW. Now I just want to be healthier.
    Lisa's primal-ish when she feels like it journal.
    Feel free to read and/or comment, but don't expect me to listen.
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    Welcome! I'm based in Sydney, AUS and I've been trying to go more and more 'primal' for the past few months.

    Sometimes it's quite overwhelming reading the forums, like you I am here to eat more cleanly and I have to say, it's never felt better.


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    There is an Australian group. Go to community then groups. It should be there.

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