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Thread: Whey Protein Nightmare

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    Whey Protein Nightmare

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    Hi Mark Started to be primal 3 weeks ago, and also started to take whey protein for breakfast.
    I ordered a can from Warrior Whey, which is from grass-fed cows, no pesticides or hormones. and is pure without any msg and its not pasteurized. Sounds great to me actually.
    Then I discovered yours on your site, which has less carbs per serving, and since it was made initially for you I assume it would be good clean food. I ordered it. I have not received it yet, takes a while to get to Canada I guess.
    I now just read some facts about whey protein and I am quite confused - they say whey protein should not have any msg in it, yours has maltodextrin which is msg. Good whey protein should be whole and non acid treated, yours has casein in it. And whey protein should not be isolate, should be whole. Confusing for us all I must say.
    Can you enlighten me Mark. I want to know which is your milk source for your whey, is it from grass-fed cow or from cheese factory leftovers, and is yours whole and non acid treated...
    I am very confused and I do want to eat as cleanly as possible. Help please. Thanks.
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    I recall someone else mentioning that Mark does not read the forums. You may need to email in your questions. I've heard somewhere that isolate is "better," but I don't recall under which circumstances.

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    If it helps at all, I've been looking at Sun Warrior Natural Warrior Blend
    Warrior Blend Natural 500g

    It's not primal (thanks a lot, pea protein), but it does have a pretty impressive amino profile, MCTs from coconut oil, and it's low carb. It's soy and gluten free, and has no sugar or sugar substitutes added.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Also, why not just purchase powdered egg whites, which have nothing but egg whites in it. Protein is clean, lactose free, nothing artificial.

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    MSG is monosodium glutamate. Maltodextrin is a sweetener.

    You should not be concerned about carbohydrate in whey powder. It is never enough to be unhealthy. Also I have read in quite a few places that you need carbohydrate to properly shuttle nutrients to your muscles.

    I get the impression that by the time milk is processed down to the whey you get in the powder, whether or not it came from a grass-fed animal is no longer of much concern. Certainly a lot of companies are capitalizing on the whole "grass fed" craze.

    Matt Stone and Ray Peat are saying now that whey has anti-metabolic effects. It's probably best to get all your protein from real food.
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    His supplements are way overpriced and not worth it (sorry Mark).

    I like the sound of this protein:
    Elite Primal 100% Beef-Derived Protein from DYMATIZE NUTRITION on sale. Find information about DYMATIZE NUTRITION

    It's not exactly primal and it's highly processed but so are all protein powders.
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    What is going on here? Why do you want to eat strange dust in a can? This makes no sense. Eat animals, vegetables, eggs, etc. Your stomach is not a complete retard, it will absorb the protein and other nutrients from those sources just fine. You do not need protein kool-aid to be healthy.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I think Mark's protein is pretty good, as far as whey protein for paleo people. There are some trace "bad things" in there, but hey, what are you going to do? You're trying to drink a protein shake. This is not going to be perfect. Personally, if I'm going to buy some whey, I just accept that it's not an ideal food and decide that the value of the good stuff outweighs the negative of the bad stuff. Then I buy something relatively cheap that's as much "pure whey and nothing else" as possible. I don't mess around with that grass fed or whatever. I also am not too concerned with small amounts of maltodextrin in it. It needs to be free of the big offenders (soy, gluten, etc), but I'm not too picky beyond that.

    As others have mentioned: it's overpriced, and real food is much better for you. Why do you need this protein?

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    I had a brutal 90 minute leg/arms/core depletion workout today. There were several times where I felt nauseous from pushing myself. I went home and ate half a pound of steak, 4 eggs and 50g of mushroom. Beats whey protein.

    Vegetables are overrated anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    What is going on here? Why do you want to eat strange dust in a can? This makes no sense. Eat animals, vegetables, eggs, etc. Your stomach is not a complete retard, it will absorb the protein and other nutrients from those sources just fine. You do not need protein kool-aid to be healthy.

    Sorry to add to your confusion, but you will learn. Protein powder is horrible for you!! Totally unnatural and highly processed. I would not touch the stuff!!

    If you really want to learn read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price and view the 3 PowerPoint presentations here: Nourishing Traditional Diets

    My brain hurt for about the first 6 months after going primal from learning so much! Good luck and stick around!

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