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Thread: Jumping In vs. Transitioning

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    Jumping In vs. Transitioning

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    I've ready up on paleo/primal lifestyle changes etc and agree with everything (very eye-opening!). I've also read The Paleo Diet for Athletes. I'm a distance runner and rock climber + cross training for both.

    I wanted to know- was it easier for those who have a adapted/sustained this lifestyle to jump right in, cutting all processed foods/grains/refined sugar (my biggest feat) or was it easier to transition slowly. I'm leaning towards just jumping in, just a little hesitant b/c of the "withdrawal period".

    Let me know what you guys think!!

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    Transitioning is for the weak.

    You make a decision and you carry it out; you jump in.

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    go ahead and jump in. i tend to believe that change is easier all at once, and if you're leaning that way already, go for it. if you're going to have withdrawals, you will have them either way. it sounds like you're pretty active, so focus on your fitness and before you know it you won't want the crappy foods any more.

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    It's entirely personality dependent. Some folks do better transitioning, some do better diving in. Paleo/Primal is no different than any other activity - whichever one you naturally lean towards in other challenges (that you succeed in! ) that's how you should approach this.

    IMO, etc.

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    primalrob is telling you the nice way that 'transitioning' is for the weak.

    deedub is telling you that he tolerates weakness and would not see a problem with his son getting beat up on the playground.

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    I kind of transistioned in. I was eating a ton of junk food (cookies, brownies, fast food). I started buying apples, oranges and bananas to replace the snacks and if I ate at a fast food place, I'd order salad with grilled chicken instead of burgers and fries.

    I lost an incredible amount of weight pretty quickly, but then slowed down. After a few months I had cut way back on the fruit and wasn't eating anything processed such as salad dressings or breaded meat. It took me probably 3 months to realize full-blown primal blueprint was the best way to eat.

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    Jump in! Just know that the carb flu is real for a lot of people and your energy/motivation will/may be low until your body catches up with what you are asking of it. Bost to do it during a recovery cycle in your periodization. Sweet potaoes and bananas will be your go to foods for longer duration workout carb feeding/re-feeding. Some will say you are a kook for trying to be an endurance athlete, but it is really not so hard. I have been doing it and coaching several athletes who are doing it. My calendar has two marathons, two 50K's, a 50M and a 100K run for 2012.

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    Mrs. Griffin and I just hopped right in. Neither of us experienced a "Carb Flu" of any kind.
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    I kind of transitioned in, too.

    I didn't really like fatty foods and didn't want to cook eggs and bacon for breakfast. So I started with homemade full-fat yogurt for breakfast and traded out the granola for nuts, and salad for lunch. On weekends I would get a bagel sandwich at my breakfast hangout. Still fairly natural, low sugar foods, except for the bagel. I was still running at lunch at the time and just kept getting hungrier and hungrier. So I decided to give the high fat thing a shot and did so by mixing creme fraiche into my yogurt. Wow, not hungry for lunch anymore. What a miracle. Then I overheard someone at my breakfast place order a bowl of eggs and bacon. It's not even on the menu. Good-bye bagel sandwich. Soon I went full-on into it and started making pastured eggs, bacon or chorizo, lots of butter, even steak and eggs for breakfast and felt even better.

    Bottom line, the transition was mainly figuring out what to eat and how to fit it into my life, not so much trying to avoid withdrawl or anything.
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    Thank you all for your responses! Guess I'm jumpin' in

    Here is another question (and maybe I should post this in the athletes forum?) - I'm 5' 5'', 138lbs, probably around 21% BF. I would really love to be around 16-17% (personal preference and performance wise). I'm of the mindset that I need to count calories to really lose the weight/body fat.

    Is this really necessary if one is following primal guidelines? I've looked up some of the article on here, but didn't get a clear response ( I know responses on here are all of personal opinion)- What is your opinion on this?

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