I just bought Nutivia Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil (cold pressed, unrefined)...in a plastic jar. I was debating at the store between buying this or an organic refined version that came in a glass jar.

When I tried searching this topic on this forum, I found the suggestion to buy it in plastic, then scoop it into a glass mason jar at home. Problem solved, don't have to worry about the oil leaching plastic chemicals, right?

Here's my paranoia: If at the factory/processing facility, they raise the temperature of the oil to 80-90 degrees (I've read this was the protocol for "cold pressed" oil on other websites.) is that hot enough to significantly leach nasty stuff from the plastic? I was thinking about how at Chinese restaurants it's common to pour super hot soup into those plastic containers, which seems like the worst idea ever, and that got me wondering if a similar thing, but on a lower scale, was happening with the coconut oil.

Am I just being paranoid here?