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Thread: Kaz's Primal Journal

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    I agree with Jordanna on the issue of calories. I have been 95% Paleo since March and have lost 37 lbs. One thing I have done is calculate my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and then set a calorie goal that would result in a 1 lb per week weight loss. Keep in mind it is net calories that are important which is calories consumed minus any calories burned during exercise. For example I may eat 1800 calories but go for a 30 minute run and burn off 400 calories for a net daily calorie count of 1400. (I use the Livestrong MyPlate app to do this - MyPlate - Food Diary & Food Calorie Counter | LIVESTRONG.COM). I began keeping a diary on Facebook before finding this site - feel free to visit it might provide some motivation.

    Paleo Journey - Diary of my experience eating the Paleo Diet | Facebook
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