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Thread: More or Less Bowel Movements?

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    (@ this thread: Oh good, I was wondering on this exact subject. ) Historically it has been "normal" for me to do so once every few days, followed by a period of then once every day or every other three times in a row, and it's similar, albeit slightly less on Paleo/Primal than compared to when I was downing wheat/gluten, low-quality dairy, tons of refined sugar in tea, processed stuff, vegetable oils, etc. galore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Legbiter View Post
    I have less frequent but more battleship/cruiser sized offerings to the porcelain gods since going primal.
    ^ that. But unlike before, no pain associated with them since...not...bricks...

    Quote Originally Posted by BestBetter View Post
    I noticed a significant reduction in BM when I went paleo and dropped grains. I used to go once a day, now I'm lucky if I go twice a week. I also have some autoimmune issues, and likely a leaky gut, so I'm never sure what's related to those issues and what's a result of "my body processing food more efficiently" as my husband tells me (still trying to figure out if this is true, too!). I can go 4+ days without feeling any need to go whatsoever, sometimes i have that "weight/pressure" telling me something's there waiting, sometimes i feel nada.
    Ya, that. Recently, there was a 6-day gap, but no biggie I guess... The critical difference is no pain or discomfort of any kind.

    (As for my conditions, I have no idea what I do / don't have...)
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    At first I was pretty concerned about how I'd only have a BM every other day since cutting out grains, thinking I was suffering from constipation. But, then I read about what constipation really is; there's a difference between "feel the need to go, but can't" (constipation) and "I just don't have to go" (not constipation).
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    I depends on your fiber intake. When I used to eat ton's of veggies and salad and nuts and ect I would regularly have 2-3 movements a day. Now I don't force myself to eat all that and I usually have 1 a day. We lack the enzymes to digest plant cellulose so it simply goes down you intestinal tract and out the other end. More waste = wasted food
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    I don't know what you guys are up to but my BM have sped up. I go every day, sometimes even twice. Sometimes (depending how much I eat in a day) on given days I have gone as much as 5x in 1 day...starting with a bigger load, and ending the day with a tiny marble.
    I've been following the PB for 2.5 years and I couldn't be happier with my BM. My entire life I've had chronic constipation and the only way for me to go was to take a laxative sold over the counter at a drug store. Sometimes I didn't go for 3 weeks!!!!
    My stools were extremely dry and lumped up into a huge ball which was hard to pass.

    Going often makes me happy and it gives me a refreshing feeling in my midsection

    My bowel movements take no more than 36 hours and are perfect according to the Bristol Stool Chart....usually within 24 hours whatever I ate comes out the back side. I know this because (of course) I always turn around and inspect my own crap. I sometimes drink or eat certain things on purpose that don't really digest (broccoli) or color the stool (red beet juice) to test the timing of my digestion.

    Some might say such a speedy digestion isn't good and I miss out on nutrients and therefor could suffer malnutrition...NOT with everything I'm eating!

    PB has done the exact opposite for me than for most and I'm happy about it.

    BUT, I have to mention that I strictly followed Konstantin Monastyrsky's book Fiber Menace at the start of my primal journey and healed my gut accordingly.

    Your lack of movement is caused by the excessive amount of indigestible fibers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Issabeau View Post

    My bowel movements take no more than 36 hours ......
    Holy shit! .....I know you meant transit, but couldn't resist.

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    LOL that is worse than having a baby!!
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    Before paleo: at least once a day right after morning coffee.

    After paleo: not every day any more.

    Biggest difference, though, is the quality, more than the quantity.

    I call it Paleo poop.

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    I used to eat a banana a day and after a while, my poo got so hard it made me bleed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TorMag View Post
    It's cutting into my reading time........
    Ain't that the truth.

    Not more or less often, but in and out of the bathroom faster. Like switching a cat to low bulk catfood.

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