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Thread: Seafood

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    I never used to eat seafood. Ever. My mom would try and force white fish in butter on me, and I'd refuse to touch it. The closest I got to seafood was a fishfinger! LOL Now, I'm almost eating seafood everyday!

    So many types of white fish, and oily fish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, sashimi!!! Plus all the crustaceans... prawns/shrimp, crab, lobster, green lipped mussels, winkles, cockles... seaweed! Roe! I'm in heaven - who'd of thought! The only thing I haven't been able to get my head around (yet) are raw oysters! Which still have the EW! ew! ew. factor.

    I know the prawn/shrimp available here is all farmed, which is a shame. (I'm not sure about the others). Would love to try wild and compare the taste.

    I'm curious about two things though:

    * how much if any cod liver oil/fish oil etc do you need to take if you are eating a variety of seafood every day... and,

    * If shellfish are that good for us why do so many cultures/peoples forbid the eating of it? According to Wikipedia:

    Jewish Kosher Law traditions forbid the eating of shellfish. The book of Leviticus prohibits the consumption of shellfish. In Islam, one Sunni school of thought (Hanafi) forbids eating shellfish, while the other three Sunni schools allow it. The Shi'ite school (Ja'fari) does not allow it. Seventh-day Adventists also eat no shellfish.
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    i wouldn't think you'd need to take any excess fish oil if you're eating fish every day (i'll apply the general 'yes it's wild caught everything' sticker)

    cod liver oil has vitamin A, which you could just eat liver a few times a week and skip if you wanted
    yeah you are

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