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Thread: week before xmas...for real this time--any joiners? page

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    week before xmas...for real this time--any joiners?

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    i've been following this forum for months and have shifted to a fairly primal diet (with the glaring exceptions of a daily post-xfit, mid-day bran muffin at my favourite coffee shop & generally going way off the rails on weekends).

    so hard to avoid temptations....particularly when i'm surrounded by people who live and eat quite differently. would really like a few companions in this please let me know if you're into it!

    me: 36, female, 5', 95lbs, very muscular; crossfit 5x/w, yoga 7x/w; born in the states but living in nelson, bc, canada, at the moment, where i just finished my second education--completed a doctor of traditional chinese med programme.

    very convinced that i feel way better when i steer clear of wheat, too many carbs, alcohol, coffee....yet somehow keep finding myself back there. i'm in shape and in good health but wanting to feel better about my diet and frustrated at my lack of willpower in this regard. as a first step, really want to cut down carbs and cut out coffee and wheat (and possibly alcohol...but red wine is hard to give up). as part of this, have a particular interest in IF (not eating til mid-day works well for me--i like to do morning xfit fasted).

    any takers?

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    I'd be willing...depending on what you're looking for in a companion. Just support? The whole forum's full of that.
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    Have you read the book?

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    Indeed, what is it exactly that you are looking for?
    I wouldn't mind to "partner up" with someone with some crossfit knowlegde :-)

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