So, not sure if that's how you start a journal, but giving it a shot...I've been doing it this time around since July, Paleo a few years ago and then drifted off.

A friend of mine who is brand new to Primal asked me to describe my typical here's what I wrote to her:

I’m almost never hungry in the morning, so it’s close to noon by the time I eat (or after.) Sometimes organic Greek yogurt (eep, dairy!<G>) and wild Alaskan frozen blueberries, sometimes eggs and nitrite/nitrate-free bacon or sausage, sometimes just leftovers. Chicken, steak, salmon patty, whatever. I don’t have to have a breakfasty breakfast!

Probably a few prunes…maybe an orange. Sometimes tart apple and sharp cheese.

IF we also have lunch, then maybe chicken salad, tuna salad, leftover meat on a big green salad. Or pickup food from leftovers…

Dinner, if we’re going simple, a meat (poultry, pork, beef or fish/shrimp) and a vegetable…we seem to eat a lot of broccoli because we both love it. Or Brussells sprouts, sometimes sweet potato, or greens, or whatever. I sometimes make an onion pie (quiche without the crust) and leftovers are great for breakfast. We eat soups, chili, lots of stir fry, sometimes ratatouille.

I try to get wild-caught fish/shrimp, and when we can, grass-fed beef and sometimes free range chicken, but that’s pretty expensive, so we go for hormone free.

I do eat a little too much chicken (the skin has too much Omega 6), but often get skinless breasts we do a lot of stuff with. If we get a whole roast chicken, of course we eat some while it’s hot, then make chicken salad or chicken soup, boil the bones and all that.

Last night it was brats from Trader Joe’s (no nitrates or nitrites), sauerkraut and onions, LUSCIOUS. I thought we’d have leftovers, but we both plowed right through it!

We got beef bones from our butcher, and I boiled and boiled them for bone broth. Rendered the fat to cook with, and it’s delicious…slightly beef-flavored fried sweet potatoes are to DIE for!

AND I’d lose faster if I didn’t snack on so many sunflower and pumpkin seeds (and cashews, the only nuts I can eat, with my allergy). Some people say seeds are poison, but oh well. I love my salty/crispy and I’m not doing crackers or chips any more. I’m trying to crank back on those a little…

I had a tough time getting past the taboo on animal fats, since I’d been brainwashed to believe they were bad, but lots of research seems to suggest otherwise. Dowanna get gallstones or gout, of course, but I do sauté with butter or that yummy beef fat, and butter my veggies happily!

The other day we ate out at the Blue Nile, where you’re not given utensils but a sort of soft, damp, fermented pancake you pick up the food with. It’s (ick) wheat, so I just licked the stuff off of it.<G> OK, I might have gone for the 20 part of the 80/20, there, if I’d wanted to, but it was a challenge!

I'm losing slowly, feel much better, and have more energy/less moodiness, so I'm good.

I even am developing some skinny little-old-lady muscles, from using my Thera-band!