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Thread: Please advise: 7 weeks, still in crushing low-energy?!

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    Thanks for your responses, everybody!

    I have indeed been concerned about a Vitamin D issue, though I've drank a bit more whole milk on PB!

    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Your exhaustion and pain is the low potassium from all the water weight you've lost. When your insulin is chronically elevated from a typical high-carb diet, your body holds on to a lot of extra fluid. Once you cut the carbs, it lets go of the extra fluid but a lot of potassium gets flushed out, too. It really does feel like a crash and it happens right about where you are in the program. You can use potassium supplements or "lite" salt to help. I found regular salt and magnesium also helpful, especially the regular salt.
    I hadn't considered that the switch to PB could flush potassium! Do you reckon that potassium would eventually build up to healthy levels again, without supplementation? (And that supplementing would accelerate the process?)

    May I ask, how does the salt figure into this? Doesn't that kind of counteract potassium?

    At any rate, I'll supplement Vitamin D, probably potassium and magnesium, and try to increase calories (via fat I presume?). And I'll keep you posted on the results!

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    I didn't do it very scientifically; who knows what helped? But, these things maybe did:
    *Vitamin D, 5000IU/day (now dialled back to 1000)
    *Magnesium 450mg/day (at bed)
    *Kept safe-starch carbs up. Maybe because I'm 5'11" and 164lbs, not a lot of fat to lose, I was STRUGGLING with the 50-80g/day zone. Now I'm hitting all kinds of white rice, sweet potatoes, 1 fruit/day, plantains, etc.

    I hope this helps some other poor soul.

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    Oh man, am I glad I found this! I'm 6 weeks in, with a very similar body comp. (5' 11" and 155 after these first several weeks) and was just dragging at work and in evenings, even though I felt awesome during the first 3 weeks. I'm glad I found some solid suggestions and hope they help. I will be back with an update. Thank you!

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