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Thread: countering the affects of stress

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    countering the affects of stress

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    My professional life has recently bottemed out. Nightmares and eye twitches are 2 of the physiological effects apparent to me. I can only assume this means some bad stress hormone things are going on internally. Is there any nutritional intervention that might help counter some of this stuff?

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    Cut your caffeine intake : 1-2 cups a day
    Don't go long periods of time without eating - it increases cortisol that is already at a peak when you are mentally stressed.
    Eat at regular hours: example - 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm
    Get 8hrs of sleep a night.

    Exercise can also be a source of stress relief for some so if you aren't already doing so, try walking(which I find meditative), or weight training.

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