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Thread: countering the affects of stress

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    countering the affects of stress

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    My professional life has recently bottemed out. Nightmares and eye twitches are 2 of the physiological effects apparent to me. I can only assume this means some bad stress hormone things are going on internally. Is there any nutritional intervention that might help counter some of this stuff?

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    Hi, sorry to hear you are struggling. As a start, try some magnesium - supplements to get you going and plenty of dark, leafy greens. Magnesium is indicated by the muscle spasms/twitching. This may also help the nightmares as it is a relaxant and I think there are herbal supplements for sleep/calming around that contain magnesium and other stuff (haven't used any OTC products myself). If you can get to a naturopath, they would be able to tailor the supplements to suit.

    Hope you get it sorted soon, that stuff sucks.

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