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Thread: The free reader-created cookbook scared me

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    The free reader-created cookbook scared me

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    I recently downloaded the free "reader-created cookbook" (along with some other free material).

    Almost all the recipes in it are so complex! Is this what the primal blueprint is all about - complex recipes with exotic ingredients I don't even know exist in my local store and some of which I haven't even heard about?

    (Thankfully, there are a few simple ones there with non-complex ingredients, such as the "bacon, egg, avocado, and tomato salad" on page 45. I guess I could start with that one.)

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    Free recipe. Just for you!

    Put steak on grill.
    Take steak off grill.

    Seriously, though. Cookbooks tend to have more intricate recipes because most of us already know how to grill a chunk of meat. If you don't want it to be complicated, then don't make it complicated.

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    Two reactions. One: you don't need to cook any of the stuff in the cookbooks, plain simple food is fine. Two: isn't that the point of a cookbook - to show you stuff you didn't do/know before?

    BTW there are some pretty good recipes in there...
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    Good points. Thanks!

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