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    Chlorinated water

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    There are several posts on this blog about the relative benefits or negatives of showering in hot water, but I hadn't thought of this angle before. I thought that merely avoiding DRINKING it would be enough... seems not...

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    It is especially relevant to me as I regularly take saunas and steam rooms!

    I wish I could live in a place without chlorinated water... but my water here stinks of the stuff. I avoid by drinking bottled water, but still have to bathe in it! ew! Is there anywhere left on earth where they don't chlorinate??? I might move there!

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    Find a place with good well water. Most places, especially in SE Asia, will either not treat their water at all, treat it poorly, or overtreat it. I think the over-treating is because they can't trust the cleanliness of the pipes going out from the treatment plant.

    Does reverse osmosis remove chlorine?

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    Get a shower filter.

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    I shower in well water - untreated. It's nice.
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    Yep, buy a high quality water filter for your shower. Makes all the difference

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