So I've browsed around the forum and Mark's articles about chronic cardio and marathon training, etc...but I'm still unsure as to how I should go approaching training for my first marathon. It has been on my bucket list for a long time, and this winter/spring is my best opportunity to do it, so I signed up before I had read The Primal Blueprint!

Anyway, I just started eating Primally about 7 weeks ago, but the past two weeks have had some setbacks and I've stalled in weight loss (damn holidays!) I am hoping to lose around 60lbs by next August, but now I am worried that by marathon training I will mess things up with fat burning. I am a slow runner anyway, but when I run I usually do so around 75% of my max HR.

Can anyone help explain how to approach marathon training in order to keep burning fat? I'm trying to go very low carb (but eating sweet potatoes before long workouts such as running or mountain biking).

I am goign to try the Whole 30 Challenge starting january 2nd, and marathon training begins January 6th.

Any advice is appreciated!