I'm new to the online journal what-nots, but I've been in and out of health commitments for a few years now. I saw this site however, and it just seemed to relate.

I'm an 18 year old student, so my schedule is all but consistent (like my diet). I try to eat more thoughtfully, but with my budget those cheap grease meals are so much more appealing, and my late nights always end with a full stomach.

I'm 5'8" and 180pounds and I simply want a more energized and healthy body. I always find myself taking naps after school and completely throwing off my sleep schedule, and I'm sure my attitude could improve if I wasn't always so tired.

Anyway, here's a couple goals for this month

- No soda (or other sugar infestations)

- Glass of water with every meal

- No food after 9P.M.