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Thread: Sleeping outside

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    Sleeping outside

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    I remember when I was about 10-12 years old, I used to camp a lot in the summer. I would love it, but I hated the hassle and work of getting out there and setting up and packing up and leaving. Keep in mind, we used an RV, so it wasn't nearly as fun as roughing it.

    Fast forward about 7 years, and I found myself in army basic training, sleeping out in the woods in a two person tent (each person would carry one half of a small tent and stakes).

    Fast forward again another 5 years, and I'm sitting here, thinking back on all that, and thinking to myself "that was pretty fun..." I was in El Salvador for a couple weeks last year, and I was pretty much living in a somewhat cleared forest. And I never slept better in my life... it was so quiet (except the generators... but eh), and the tents let all the breeze in.

    What are your thoughts on sleeping outside, though? No shelter, no bed or cot... just you, the ground, and the sky.
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    In the middle of summer I sometimes sleep out under the stars in a hammock on my balcony so, even in an urban environment, I think being in closer touch with nature is beneficial.

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    That is commonly called a meadow crash in my circle of friends and I Love it! When I lived in the country I slept in my backyard all the time. Now that I live in town its not as easy but still several times through the summer find myself just driving out to some various places and just throwing out a sleeping bag. One of the higlights of my scouting days was a meadow crash on Urraca Mesa at Philmont Scout Ranch during a meteor shower. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

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    I spent 6 months of my life sleeping outside daily. I got so used to it that I couldn't stand to sleep indoors at all. I also slept with minimal cushioning and no pillow. I couldn't stand having a pillow anymore. It took a lot of adjusting to get used to the regular way again once I returned home. I would sleep outside more often at home now, but my partner would think I was strange plus we get a lot of dew where we live.

    You know what would be awesome would be to build a platform in one of our backyard trees and sleep up there once in a while. That would be great.
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    I've grown up with a lifetime of camping, mostly in the Pacific Northwest. Here a minimum of an overhead tarp is absolutely necessary just because we get so much rain so frequently. In my own backyard mosquito netting is also necessary if I don't want to get eaten. I've strongly thought about sleeping most of the summer in my backyard with my 4 yo son. He gets the biggest kick out of tent camping. I just love the smell of waking up in the morning while it is still dewy and contemplating life while the coffee is brewing. I'm looking at doing some backpacking in the Cascades here soon with my daughter(she's grown). My hubby wants to cross country ski and snow camp as well. I would also like to ocean kayak around the San Juans(I'm still studying navagation so I can do it safely). I get pretty antsy when I can't get my out of doors time.

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    However, if you are living in any village area then you can sleep anywhere, on the roof of your house, in balcony, in barn and from all places we get natural air which is really helpful to our health..

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    A friend of mine, she's 50+, has been sleeping outside on her covered deck (roof only, no sides) since fall (when she took down her summer tent). In fact, she slept out there last night! She thinks she might be done this coming weekend - its supposed to get down to -17 Celsius (that's -1 F)!
    She uses a cot and some blankets and the occasional cat.

    I think she's crazy

    My son slept in a hammock on his balcony in Toronto until Thanksgiving.
    My other son spent most of the summer sleeping on our trampoline.
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    I sleep on the covered (no walls) porch of our mountain house, no matter the season. (Coldest as been 4 F.) I absolutely love it--save for the noise of Independence weekend. Mind you, I do use a cot and a darn good bag, but the air, the morning birds, the howling coyotes are still there.
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    We go camping at least once a year. The last trip we took was in a beautiful state park in WV, right along a river. The fresh air, the sound and feel of nature, as well as the river being 50 feet way made it our own little piece of heaven. I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed and revitalized. We didn't want to leave.

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    This thread even made me feel more relaxed.

    I like the term "meadow crash". It made me remember a hike in the Smoky mountains when I found this cool little grassy meadow and I literally crashed and took a nap in the middle of the meadow. An hour or so later I woke to find a herd of a dozen dear standing all around me grazing on the grass. I didn't move and just laid there and watched them till they eventually moved on.
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