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Thread: "Hello World"...of Grok

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    "Hello World"...of Grok

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    Hi! My name is Andy and I am a web/application developer and I live with my wife and 2 dogs in the Midwest (Bettendorf, IA).

    I'm a big liberty advocate and heard about PB and MDA when Mark was on the Peter Schiff Show this past week.

    I'm easing slowly into the Primal way of living (not 100% on board since I'm kind of busy with a baby on the way - due here in a few weeks). But, I plan to take the 21-day plunge and hopefully get my wife on board. Her main resistance is with her reluctance to eat meat... so we'll have to see what to do to supplement the protein side of the plan.

    Anyway, as I said I'm easing into this way of living and starting to give up "grains" as my primary goal and see where that takes me.

    I would really like to get fit since my primary "play" is playing soccer. And, while I'm not in the shape I want to be, I figure PB will help me become fitter, stronger, faster, and hopefully better energy-wise to get me where i want to be.

    Good to be here.

    "Grok On" as they (you) say, ha!

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    Welcome and good luck.
    Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test.
    -Rick Warren

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