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    Good for you, Raphael!

    I've learned this the hard way, and the cheat has never been worth it. Not much of a treat at all

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    curse those girl scout cookies. they are selling them at my work this week and it's driving me crazy.

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    @FNW: regarding tasting the rancid oils... I experience that too. It's gross. A few days ago I was out shopping - and starving - so I opted for a seared chicken burger (sans the bun). Still, the mayo or something must have had some vegetable oils in it, because soon afterwards I had an unpleasant taste in my mouth. =/

    I'm not partial to anything grainy (pasta, bread), but at this point I still have a fondness for sweet or creamy things (ice cream). If there's pizza or crackers I'm not phased, but have some Coconut Ferrero Raffaello in the fridge and I'm struggling a little..!

    When it comes to these things I remind myself that I really do prefer healthy food (fresh strawberries > chocolate biscuit), and how these foods affect me (that lousy hangover/junky feeling that others described).

    However, if I truly want one, then I make sure it's really good quality and I'll savour one piece. Sure, maybe I'm not 'perfect' by doing this, but I find this moderated approach saves me from spiralling down and eating the whole thing/packet.

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    @FNW: We have a, "Ladies' Night" tradition at my apartment. Last Thursday, I brought a slow-cooked spinach/beef curry- but didn't have time to make Cauliflower "Rice".

    The Hostess made Cous-cous- I was totally prepared to eat some, but it smelled weird to me. Couldn't do it- just moved it around the bowl a little ;-)

    Smelled rancid and nasty...are there PUFAs in cous-cous?

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    raphael- i get a sweet tooth, too. here is a link to a grain free, agave sweetened chocolate cake recipe i made, along with a hundred others. i have primal cooking blog, with a lot of recipes for sweets. i indulge sensibly have at it:

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    2 girl scout cookies last night...the peanut butter ones w/a chocolate coating.

    i caved, too.

    it happens.

    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!

    Yr 42

    Yr 41

    February Whole 30-ish

    start. stop. ramping up to cruising speed!

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