Draining off fats that are released from frying meat or pouring off roasting fats into a bowl gives a slightly burned, dirty fat, full of all sorts from the cooking process - this is "dripping".

You can make a purer fat by rendering slices of fat.

Ask your butcher for some fat - it will almost certainly be free if you also buy some meat, pennies of you don't.

I had a load left over from some belly pork I had cooked just for the meat - the fat was not required in the recipe:

Simply dice and drop into a frying pan on a medium heat.

Clear liquid fat will render out, so periodically pour that off through a sieve into a ramekin.

Repeat a number of times, even pressing down the fat to fully release any final juices.

You will be left with a clear, slightly off white liquid which will cool to a solid, but soft texture.

Here's the gold: