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Thread: Best Fats??

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    I'm making the transition from 100% zone diet to eating cleaner, more primal with fewer carbs than the zone suggests and I'm still learning what is considered primal (aka "Skinning the zone"). I apologize that I confused you more. Seems that primal tends to be much more protein/fat with fewer carbs than say the zone (more carbs, but definitely not sugars, pastas, etc) I pulled that recipe from a zone recipe list so it would give you an estimate to how much fat to have with your size salad.

    I just started on the forum last night and it seemed that most of the threads were questions about how much protein, how much fat, etc should be eaten. By starting on the zone, it was very helpful to me (I know everyone is different) at learning proportion sizes of each protein, fat and carb. Now I loosely follow zone guidelines leaning more towards less carbs (about 1/2) and more fat (about 4x) because it was a lot of food, protein and fat are much tastier, and I wanted to tinker because I felt I had hit a lull in my performance by just following the zone (without dairy).

    So for your size salad and to lose weight, I would say 1.5 to 2 teaspoons olive oil and 2 teaspoons vinegar. By zone standards (which I lost 25lbs on) that is 4-5 parts protein and 4-5 parts fat with about two parts carbs. The small apple would add another 2-3 part carbs. So if you had the apple to the salad you listed above, it would be a pretty darn balanced zone meal. And quite tasty.

    I hoped this helped and I hope I'm not stepping on toes here. I just trying to learn from other here and help others in return by using the experiences I've seen with myself or friends.

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    Sounds weird, but I use equal parts coconut oil and Ghee ( melted butter if your not casein sensitive) and s&p Great way to get your sat. fats

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