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Thread: Cutting back on Vitamin D

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    Cutting back on Vitamin D

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    I joined the Vitamin D study at Grasssrootsheath and with my first test in June had a level of 25 ng/mL. I've been taking 10,000 IU of D3 daily since then and my recent test this December had a level of 118 ng/mL! I guess it's time to cut back.

    I have read on this forum that falling D levels are possibly problematic so I would like to get my levels down around 60-70 and maintain that without any negative repercussions. I was thinking of cutting back to 4000 IU per day as I believe that every 1000 IU reduction should lower my levels by 10 ng/mL over time. Does this sound like a good plan, or will such a reduction drop my levels too quickly?

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    D3 levels don't drop as precipitously when you have taken D3 as your supplement as opposed to D2. Also, D3 is fat soluble which helps to keep your levels a little more stable. I think your dosing plan seems very reasonable.

    With D levels that high, make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium as well.

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    And make sure you're not low on Vit A, as higher doses of Vit D competes with A for intake in the body.

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