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    I was looking to order a pair of Women's Vibram FiveFingers Sprints, but the sizing charge confuses me.

    I wear a size 9 running shoe (fitted at a running store), but if I measure my foot in inches, it measures 9 1/8".

    On the sizing chart for the sprints, a size 9 shoe says order a 41, but the line for 9 1/8" says order a 38.

    For those of you that already use these, should I go by my current running shoe size of 9 or the measurment, which by the way is in the same column as a size 6.5 shoe....doesn't make any sense!!!!

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    I ordered based on the inch sizing, and the vibrams fit well. I ordered a 40, and I generally wear a size 9 shoes (sometimes 8.5).

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    I'd highly recommend trying them on in a store if you can. I tried on probably three different sizes before deciding which one fit the best. I actually ended up going with the first pair I tried on, even though they didn't feel right the first time I put them on--walking/running around for a bit in a couple pairs allowed my feet to adjust to being in the VFFs and gave me a much better sense of the best fit. Since the VFF experience is so different from that of any other type of footwear, it's pretty important to try them in-store if you can.

    If you can't get to a store that has them, though, I'd say go with the size recommendation based on your actual foot length (9 1/8") because you'll want the shoe to conform to your foot as closely as possible.

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    I suggest you go to a store if there’s one near you. I tried a few sizes and found that a smaller shoe housed my little toes nicely but put pressure on the big toes (this became painful after a while). The next size up was perfect on the big toes but my little toes sometimes pop out of their pockets. I had to compromise and chose the bigger shoe but pull it slightly tighter.

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